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10 Delivery-Hassle-Free Gift Ideas that Make Perfect Sense

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Does the thought of last-minute gifting cause you to break out in hives? Call me weird, but I'm that person who would rather shop in-store. Nothing compares to walking around the store, rubbing fabrics between my fingers, and imagining them on my skin.

Sniffing candles ‘cause tell me why a "scented candle" labeled Mandarin smells like apple cider vinegar? I could have bought that online, but then I would have ended up in bed with an ACV-induced headache. Catch my drift?

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas that will leave a lasting memory on the recipient, and you don’t even have to leave your house (take the poll at the end)

1. LinkedIn learning Subscription: Your gift of LinkedIn learning gives your loved one Unlimited Access to video tutorials covering business, creative, and technology topics from industry leaders. LinkedIn Learning is the most convenient way of learning as they can log on from desktop and mobile devices. It also offers opportunities to take quizzes and show off your training certifications on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Masterclass: My favorite thing about Masterclass is the family option because if your family is anything like mine, you like completely different things. Your son’s crazy about dribbling, and your daughter will cut up your favorite dress for her Barbie. Lol (my sister used to do this when we were kids), your partner wants to learn about making their movie, and you’re crazy about landscaping. Masterclass offers bite-size videos (ten minutes) by masters in the game.

3. Skillshare: Thousands of virtual classes (many Skillshare students love to brag about their video quality) that allow for interaction with other students. Users can read reviews left by students who have completed the course. Unlike Linkedin, Skillshare does not provide certificates of completion to show you’ve completed a course, but most who sign up for the service are joining for the skills, not just to showcase the documentation.

4. Fender Play: It used to be a gift card from Guitar Center, but now, in between tutors, school runs, and the deployments/launches, any opportunity to live our guitar dreams virtually is THEEE blessing! Fender play helps beginners learn to play guitar through a popular-song approach that makes it more fun and less work. See here.

5. Resume Makeover class: This is a thoughtful gift for that friend you can count on for hour-long rants about work enemies or complaints about their job/boss. Maybe it’s time for them to move on, or at least know how their skills are valued in the workplace. A resume says a lot about its owner – are they detailed, organized, outcome-oriented or data-driven? Resume culture changes over time, and if your loved one has been on that job for a long time, they’re going to need a lot of help. This service is usually offered by resume professionals or recruiters as a side business.

6. Professional Makeup or Styling Classes: This is a priceless gift for someone in the public space or who plans to be. If they are video creators, entrepreneurs, presenters, or anyone who takes their grooming seriously, they'll be reaping the benefits of your gift for years to come.

7. AirBnB Gift Card: Thanks to Airbnb, you can give the gift of a getaway to a loved one. Airbnb gift cards never expire, and buyers get a discount when purchasing bulk (hello, nice employers!) Last time I checked, the maximum on an Airbnb gift card was $2000.

8. Audiobook Subscription: I’m a big reader and love the smell of print books. I find them comforting, but I have to agree that audiobooks just might be the 8th wonder of the world. Books put the world in your hands. Audiobooks go one step further and put it in your ears, head, heart, and space. I recommend this for the imaginative friends in your life. They get Audio while their minds are free to drum up the most wondrous scenes possible. A fine holiday gift indeed.

9. Charitable donation: So, this one isn’t for everyone. It’s a perfect gift for that generous person in your circle. Many non-profits offer you the option to donate in their honor and present your loved one with a certificate to showcase the gift.

10. Amazon Gift card: You can’t go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card. You can send it so easily via email; your loved ones only have to add it to their Amazon account. My Amazon Gift cards are a godsend when I get those links to Amazon Wedding Registries and Baby Shower wish lists.

You'll never have to give any excuses again. There's something for everyone. Did I leave any ideas out? Leave a comment to share your favorite delivery hassle-free gift ideas.

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