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2021: My Son's Teacher Made me Cry!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

+ why I'll keep advocating for Immigrant Representation.

My first hashtag for The ImmiGreat Life was #becauserepresentationmatters and sometimes something happens that reinforces the importance of this all over again.

So, the kids are back in school and it feels so soon, lol. I still have NYE feast leftovers in the fridge!

First day back in school and King P’s first lesson was on Immigration, push factors and what it’s like to be an immigrant. It was great “side-listening” to the differences between an Immigrant and a refugee and how these terms are not determined by color or race.

The kids got to watch a video compilation of other young people from all over the world sharing their Immigrant stories. Their stories were all different.

One girl’s grandfather moved with his family across the world to work at an embassy in New York and that was the beginning of their Immigrant story. There was this boy whose parents fled from war, there were the ones who wanted to live in a country with a democratic government, some ended up in America because they believed it was the best place for them. I think it’s important that kids are taught that people have unique stories and stereotyping makes the world miss all of that.

The best part of that Monday and this week in general, is that their teacher is 1st Gen herself. She moved to the U.S when she was 2 years old and this made such a difference because she knows what the common immigration-misconceptions.

She has lived it! It’s not just “in the lesson plan” for her. She shared her own Immigrant story and I think it made a huge difference, especially with the non-immigrant kids. I’ve seen a few videos of people teaching on this same topic and it’s usually been offhanded, like it was just something they’ve read or heard.

It was quite the emotional experience for me because my son’s 2nd Gen and it makes me tear up to see him sit behind his laptop listening and learning. Sometimes kids need to see someone else other than their parents (surprise!) I’m happy he gets that from this teacher. Immigrant kids face unique challenges and good unbiased teachers help them overcome.

It’s been such a topsy-turvy week with New Year planning, back-to-school realities, the Georgia win (hurrah!) and an attempted coup. Yup, call it what you will but I know one when I see one. I grew up in a country where the Elite hype up/manipulate dumb masses to do their dirty work while they hide their own kids in positions of privilege.

Familiar territory...

Shoutout to Ms. Tran (3rd Grade) & Ms. Yaw (2nd Grade). This teaching life is not for Simps or the faint of heart.

Common Myths an Immigrant Kid confronts at school/in life

  • Immigrants are all people fleeing war

  • Immigrants are all poor people

  • Immigrants do not speak English

  • Immigrants do not belong here

  • Immigrant come to take people’s jobs

  • Immigrants are thieves, rapists, and murderers

There are a ton of Immigrant myths out here in these streets. If you know of any other than the few I’ve listed, leave a comment.

*Ist Gen: This term can refer to a person born in the U.S. to immigrant parents or a naturalized American citizen.

*2nd Gen: born in the relocated country to one or more Immigrant parents born elsewhere

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