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Why Immigrants Should Adopt a Culture of Affirmation

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

It took considerable time before I could believe that affirmations weren't mumbo jumbo. And then some more time to convince myself that I wasn't losing my mind. If 7 years ago, anyone had asked me if I believed that reciting words could help make me happier, more confident and successful, I would have said an emphatic No.

And I would have been wrong.

It’s You vs You:

Affirmations are one of the most effective weapons we fight every day because they are mostly mental. We start our day armed with our dreams and goals, but we are also going to battle E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. We’re coming up against trauma, fear, discouragement that bind more than they help and other negative emotions that can keep us from finding fulfillment.

"I count my blessings and focus on my goals"

Survivor mode can be transferred:

This one’s for 1st and 2nd Gen alike because Survivor mindsets are transferred. I see the effects of this ALL THE TIME! Even some 2nd Gen who have never even been to their parents’ birth countries are still in survivor mode; living in fear; making choices based on how impressive, not how impactful.

"I seek understanding instead of being afraid of things I don’t understand"

The Identity Struggle:

Migrating is tough even while it’s an incredible blessing and many Immigrants haven’t come to terms with. The fact that they can be grateful for the opportunity yet still struggle with the hardships related to culture shock, legacy, belonging and the need for acceptance.

"I am invaluable to myself, my community, and the world."

Affirmations aren’t magical, no offense to magicians because “Magic” isn’t easy. If people only knew how long Magicians must practice their tricks before they can be good enough to charge a fee? (don’t ask me how I know, that’s a whole other story)

All through 2021, I will be posting an ImmiGreat affirmation weekly. They will be addressing a variety of mindsets that are common in the Immigrant community.

Don’t forget to follow and turn on notifications to know when I go Live.

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