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5 Male-Hosted Podcasts to Binge on This Year

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We’ll never talk about 2020 without talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement, Black Economy and how the sick reality of race disparity was revealed for the world to see. We also won't talk about 2020 without mentioning Diversity. Diversity goes way beyond recognizing and agreeing that Racial Discrimination exists. It's how much of the other side we are open to listening to and how far out of our comfort zones we are willing to go. Even if it’s just a tippytoe.

I took that tiptoe myself when I realized that even though I love podcasts and have hosted 2, they are always shows with Female Hosts like WTH! It was a startling revelation that led me to discover new shows to fangirl over.

Here are 5 Male-hosted podcasts you’ll fall in love with.

1. “I’m willing to look a little crazy for the short term for the long-term gain.” – George Acheampong

I found George Acheampong through his wife/Influencer – Majesty Acheampong who’s a favorite in the Social Media Bossbabe space. He is the host of The Uncentsored Show and an unapologetic gold-getter. His episodes are straight fire.

From protecting your business as a service provider or product-based business to rebranding or making a purposeful pivot. It’s all there. If you are in the growth mindset which means you have recently made the decision to stop being unconcerned about Money or you want to learn how to make your Money work for you then this is a great podcast to get hooked on.

Listen here

2. Jeff Cole and Mark Mastrandrea are the hosts of The Blank Canvas podcast and cofounders of IKONICK. Although their podcast is pretty new but their guest list is very impressive and super diverse – college dropouts turned businessman, fashion mogul, computer genius, Grammy award-winning rapper, event designer to mention a few.

I’m a bit torn choosing faves with their ImmiGreat guests though. Trinidad James or Ilya Pozin of Pluto TV?

It’s like a candy store. How is a sweet-tooth supposed to choose???

Listen here

3. Gary Vaynerchuck of The GaryVee Audio Experience.

I discovered Gary's videos at a really low point in my life and his energy was just the thing I needed to get off my butt and stop throwing the Pity Raves I was indulging in at the time. He’s special because his story is nothing special!

He’s 1st Gen, like me! With a family steeped in their immigrant community, like mine! Had to deal with the pressure that comes with carrying family dreams on your shoulders. That’s a pure ImmiGreat struggle.

Today Gary’s voice is synonymous with crushing whatever you’ve put your mind to. His episodes are phenomenal and raw. He's also famous for his insight about brands and how big they'll get. Let’s just call him No-Games Gary!

Listen here

Dr. Joe Martin is the host of Real Men Connect, a podcast with 470 episodes and counting. Dr. Joe Martin offers content targeted at helping Men live better lives and grow in their faith. It’s a great podcast with powerful guests speaking about family, finances, dealing with difficult kids, divorce, porn and therapy among other topics.

Listen here

5. Al Levin of The Depression Files:

Sometimes it does feel like men and women do speak different languages. I used to laugh whenever I heard people say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Well I’ve stopped laughing now. I don’t even chuckle and that’s why I think this podcast is super helpful. Al Levin interviews Men who have suffered from depression to educate those who may know little about mental illness. I think this is great for the ImmiGreat community. Al Levin also blogs at

Listen here

*Trigger Warning: Suicide is often referenced in his episodes.

Hey, now's a great time to take a good look around you. Your bookshelf, your playlist, your feed, your bloglist - let's start here - with the 'simple' things. Diversity isn't a flash mob. It's two lovers dancing long enough together.

It's a lifestyle!

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