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Dear African Aunty, my guest constantly criticizes my cooking...

Updated: Feb 1, 2021


I love having guests over at my house and my guests love what I offer; food, ambience and entertainment. I've even subscribed to a very notable wine company and all my guests enjoy it. Well everyone except one person who’s never satisfied.

When I cook Dish A she complains about it been too European and that I need to remember my roots by serving a local dish. When I do that, she moans about feeling slighted because she saw what I served my guest last week in my Instagram Stories.

It’s always something with her and her visits leave me with hurt feelings. My husband and children have noticed how stressed I get whenever she's coming around.

What should I do?

Distressed Dami

Dear Distressed Dami,

Sooooo you mean you turned your house into Mar A Lago while you have a husband and children (not a hamster or a goldfish or turtle)? You have actual people, real breathing beings to care for and spend time with?

I hope you also feed the poor and the hungry. The refugees at the border, children torn from parents who have been deported, police brutality, pay wage inequality???

First things first, no more visits until you're fully rested because even your email seems hella stressed. Wait? All this hosting better not be going on during the Pandemic!?!

I strongly advice you to take advantage of this time. Plan a new guest menu with just 2 options.

I think you should also be a guest for a while - consider it market research.

I see you mentioned hurt feelings. Sorry o, you brought salt into your house so insult must follow. Lock your doors, fix your family and handle your hormones.

Face your front!

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