How to Protect Your Parents' Retirement

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I’m no financial expert but judging by the hits and likes on #africanparentsbelike and #immigrantparentsbelike, Millennials from Immigrant families have something else in common; parents who have little or no idea of how treacherous the internet is.

Here's how to take charge before something bad happens:

1. Accept your fate: Traditional parent-kid roles have switched at least when it comes to the internet. The internet is a new shiny toy for the older gang and even although they might never agree, they have no idea how to work it. It is trial and error where they are concerned which makes them easy prey to scam artists. Remember all your learning years whenever you feel tempted to abandon ship. How you had your milk-poop butt wiped by these folks. Yup, I mean guilt yourself.