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How To Stay Booed Up in 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

A Guide to Love in Lockdown

When something as frightening and confusing as a Pandemic happens, everything changes. Even Love. Couples are forced to deal with the uncertainty and stress alongside work and other responsibilities.

I know because I've been there. Enter my go-to couple activities:

1. Spa Day:

Break out the face masks and massage oils. Make it a day to express love to each other by pampering your bodies. Let's call it a "Say you love me but with your hands" challenge, lol. Soft massages, foot rubs and temple rubs accompanied by spa music or *rain are soothing for both men and women.

2. Game Day:

Plan activities, break out your games, time-block and feel free to improvise. Avoid getting too competitive or telling hurtful jokes that can sour the mood. The idea is to connect and have so much fun that you look forward to Couple time. Why not make a tournament of it? Keep score and let the winner pick a prize.

3. Plan a couple getaway:

Outside's closed and Earth's at its ghetto-est but someday it will be over and we'll settle into a semblance of normal. A Post-Pandemic existence. Until then who said you can't PLAN?

Here a few things to consider when planning your couple getaway -

Location: Pick a spot you both love. Browse the web together to discover new places, even in your city.

Timing: How much time can you take off?

Budget: is there a fun fund already or is there surplus to take from.

Kids: Who gets to watch them while you're away? Would it require payment and does it fit in the budget?

Getaway activities: Time flies when you're having fun and if your idea of fun isn't staying under the covers then you'll be needing a plan. I want to say Agenda but it's not really a sexy word so... Discussing activities you would prefer may influence you choice of a getaway location as well. I've always wanted to see NOLA and I love thrifting, jewelry shopping, sightseeing, couple massages and henna. I would appreciate any comments from folk who know the area well.

4. Learn a TikTok dance:

Tbh, the Hubs and I haven't been able to get through one dance routine but we have more fun trying them out. Check out the couple dances by @EverydaywithHK and see how far you guys go before you call it quits.

5. Movie Night:

Spend a night snuggling in front of the screen with your favorite popcorn and healthy drinks. It's incredible how much you can learn about your partner from their TV Commentary. Watching Indian Matchmaking with the Hubs got us talking about the Pros and Cons of our Traditional marriage practices. And yeah, I'm an Indian Matchmaking fan.

6. Cook your favorite restaurant meals:

Instacart's a great way to shop your favorite grocery stores without leaving your home. Don't be too hard on yourself

If you end up without an ingredient or two or of it doesn't taste exactly like what you would have been delivered to your table, compliments of a Chef. Turn on some Cooking music and prepare a feast. Go as far as you want with table finery. Make a video of the process and take photos of the final dish.

Which of these activities will you be trying out first?

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