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The Ultimate Valentine TV Watchlist for Millennial Couples ('21 Edition)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This Valentine's day, get cozy and bond over great movies & tv shows.


Gossip. Intrigue. Boxing. Secret pregnancies. Hasty marriages.

Welcome to the 1813 and it is courting season. Time for the ton to scheme their offspring into marriages, love match be damned, lol. I like to think of Bridgerton as Gossip Girl in Regency-era England.

Bridgerton will have you and your partner speaking like a Duchess and her Duke by the time you're through. Rege-Jean Page is Simon, a royal with a secret past and Phoebe Dynevor is Daphne who's considered a *diamond of the first water.

Sylvie's Love:

Sylvie's love is a story of finding love, losing it, finding yourself and falling in love again. It's a transporter (like any great movie) to times when women expected wooing and men demanded they knew their place. Tessa Thompson is Sylvie and Nnamdi Asomugha is Robert, a Jazz saxophonist who gets a job in Sylvie's dad's record store.

Lovers of Jazz, Black Love and Old Hollywood glamour, this one's for you. Costume designer Phoenix Mellow gets a non-stop ovation from me for this one.

Carnival Row:

I heard someone describe Carnival Row as a "murder mystery kinda show".

Still not over the emptiness of this comment - how, wait, what!?!

Sometimes Twitter is the worst.

Yes, Carnival Row does have a string of mysteries that will keep you & your S.O clutching each other all day but there's more. The couple casting was perfect - Orlando Bloom & Cara Delevingne then David Gyasi & Tamzin Merchant. It's a brilliant telling of a tale as old as time - one race doing their very best to keep another under, forcing lovers apart and robbing the world of diversity's beauty. I could go on all day but I'll leave you with this - many a tear were shed in the watching of this show.

Fixer Upper:

Because what's better than seeing goofy Chip & sweet Jo work together while making others happy, right. Correct me if I'm wrong but If that isn't a Love Story then I don't know what is! As someone living the wife-life, I have to tell you that working together can get frustrating sometimes, cameras on or not and thank God for inventions like deep breaths, stomping, gummy bears and Ice cream. I love Fixer Upper because it's fun seeing crappy houses and the glow on owner's faces. It's also a great way to let your partner know if you're living in your dream home yet and if not, what your idea of a dream home is.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon:

Do Bong-soon (played by Park Bo-Young) is a girl who just happens to be born with superhuman strength. She ends up working with Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company as his personal bodyguard. I'm not going to bother adding the they-fell-in-love bit because duh - this is the Ultimate Romance Watchlist. It's their adventures from episode to episode that will have you chuckling, watching a girl save a dude on TV (for a change) plus who doesn't want to see young love through fresh eyes.

FYI: Hope you love subtitles.

Crash Landing on You:

A North Korean Soldier and a Seoul socialite/Girlboss meet when she's carried over the border into North Korea while para-gliding to test out new merch. Prepare for nail-biting action and laughs. I love that the writer of the show found a fun way of portraying the real divide between these two nations.

FYI: Hope you love subtitles.

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Which of these shows will you be watching this Valentine's weekend?

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