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10 Power Moves for 1st Gen Immigrants Who Want to Change the Game

A power move is the execution of an action that's away from the norm. It's tailored to propel you forward. And sometimes it doesn't look monumental to others, but it is to you.

A Power move isn't doing more of the same. It is changing the game. When a Power move is executed with the right application, another level is unlocked.

So, I put together a list of Power Moves that would have been proven to change the game for Immigrants and people in general.

  1. Therapy

  2. Build Bridges and get involved in the community

  3. Expand your network (Especially those who can't relate to where you've been and some of the things you've seen)

  4. Change careers

  5. Dissolve a business or platform that no longer serves you, but you've felt too ashamed to release

  6. Learning something new

  7. Change locations (relocate to another state)

  8. Hire a financial advisor

  9. Negotiate a raise & increase your service rates.

  10. End that toxic relationship

My favorite thing about Power Moves is that anyone can literally wake up tomorrow and take the first step of a power move that will change their life!

We don't need anyone's permission to move with life-changing intentions. I hope you don't let the fact that it's a rainy Thursday make you postpone that dream or change your mind. Every day is a good day to make a power move.

I would love to read your answers to these questions in the comment section:

  • What was the last power move you made?

  • Have you encouraged someone to make a power move?


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