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1st World Problems + Why We All Need A Khaby Right Now

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

And if you're thinking "Who the hell is Khaby?" well, what rock have you been living under!?!

Okay. Had to get that off my chest, on y va. If you're one of those rock people, today's your lucky day, you get to learn a lot about Khaby and find out why he's the king of Viral content right now:

1. Khaby Lame is a Senegalese-born Italian-raised 21year old who started his Tiktok account after getting laid off from his factory job earlier on in the pandemic.

2. Khaby is famous for his deadpan faces and dramatic hand gestures to silly hacks, marketing and as one article put it "overstylized Tiktoks"

3. As of the last time I checked, he beat Addison Rae to become the 2nd most followed account on Tiktok. Have I mentioned that noone knows how he sounds because he never speaks in his videos!??! His silent videos have earned him the title Gen-Z Mr Bean, lol.

4. During a NYT interview this year, Khaby revealed that he still doesn't have an Italian passport even though he has lived in the country for most of his life. I still haven't discovered if this means he is undocumented or not (so if you know more about immigration in Italy, pls shoot me an email)

5. And finally, Khaby's special brand of humor is the content we didn't know we needed until he showed up. If I had to describe his content mission in 3 words, it would be: Uncomplicate your life - which is basically what majority of his posts are about - that life is hard enough and there's no need to complicate it any further.

Do we really need $4 Cherry stem clippers when we can chew off the cherries and toss the stick?

Watching Khaby reminds me that I am surrounded by luxury that wasn't a regular feature in the first 20 years of my life and I survived just fine. I need to stop waiting on a low-cost robot that can fold laundry and remember to appreciate that there are people all over the world winning at life and being unapologetic about sharing their beautiful stories.

FYI, this is an Immigreatness stan post. And here is some more Khaby >> (2) Khaby Lame BEST TikTok Compilation - YouTube


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