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African Party Trends We Love in 2021

Soooo as I mentioned in my Reentry blogpost, I haven't dived into the reentry deep-end because the logistics can get a bit much (total oxymoron, I know) but still, I love me a good African Party because it's such a unique space.

It is!

  • You can never be too late, too loud or too much, lol. Our ancestors have been twerking since before colonialists set foot on the Motherland.

  • No one's side-eyeing you for mistaking your fish fork for something else. There's 1 fork, 1 knife and a Spoon.

  • Your sleeves can be NYFW Runway-big .

Here are a few trends you are likely to notice at an "African Party" this year:

Danceable Fit: At this point, the world knows we don’t play with our glitz and glam. We are the kings and queens of hues, always have been. We’re also all about the energetic dances that make our parties stand out so it's only right that danceable dresses have become a thing - whether it's bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses or suits, African party wear designers and cloth makers understand that the true test of their work boils down to this one question: Can I dance in it? As in, dance DANCE?


This party season has recorded wayyyyy more metallic wedding asoebi (Groupwear) than we’ve seen in recent times. I mean, our moms had their metallic season but it was more sequin-ed and stoned while for this trend, the fabrics take centerstage. The whole metallic trend is so loved because of its shiny effect when combined with the perfect light source. If there’s anything I would say about this trend, it's that it makes for incredible photos and gives parties a more clubby feel.

360 cameras: This is my favorite as I’m a sucker for a photobooth! Guests can get creative with their poses or bust a move while the camera records them from a rotating 360 degree angle. They can share these short videos/GIFs immediately and these recordings can be customized to include the event name or celebrants’ names to give a more memorable touch.

Youtube Livestreams:

“More clients want Livestreaming added to their Video package and I work with them to make their day special” says Jemima of AdeStudios. With a year of Covid 19 under our belt and the Delta variant scare looming, celebrants are still guarded about guest numbers but still want their families to be able to watch live and even comment on every part of the event. With apps like Streamyard or Restream, scheduling Livestreams and sending links to family members around the world is so easy.

Serenade with a Saxophone:

Hiring a saxophonist or a band (in case it’s a package deal situation) to serenade the person being celebrated is really popular this year. DJs and live bands have their place and we love them but more people are choosing this option because they can choose special songs that help create the desired ambience.

As I mentioned earlier, I've only been out a handful of times so I might have missed something. What other "African Party" trends are we seeing this year?

Tell me all about it in the comment section.

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